domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2012

Sometimes we need how to get to a place, but, when we are lost we always need directions so here you have three ways of directions

1.- Excuse me, can you tell me how to get on Galerias Coapa?
Go out of prepa 1, turn right and go straight on the street, cross the avenue division del norte, take bus to Taxqueña and down in Galerias Coapa

2.- Hello, I'll be wonder if you can help me. Where is the basketball court in prepa 1?
Enter to prepa 1, go straight on the main square, turn right and go straight  until the gym, turn right, walk like 10m and turn left, go straight ahead and you will see the basketball court.

3.- Hello, could you tellme the way to San Jose's market?
Go out of my house, turn left and walk until the corner, turn left and go straight on the street, when you get to the 5th street, turn left and go straight ahead, when you arrive to the avenue the market will be there.

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