domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2012

Sometimes we need how to get to a place, but, when we are lost we always need directions so here you have three ways of directions

1.- Excuse me, can you tell me how to get on Galerias Coapa?
Go out of prepa 1, turn right and go straight on the street, cross the avenue division del norte, take bus to Taxqueña and down in Galerias Coapa

2.- Hello, I'll be wonder if you can help me. Where is the basketball court in prepa 1?
Enter to prepa 1, go straight on the main square, turn right and go straight  until the gym, turn right, walk like 10m and turn left, go straight ahead and you will see the basketball court.

3.- Hello, could you tellme the way to San Jose's market?
Go out of my house, turn left and walk until the corner, turn left and go straight on the street, when you get to the 5th street, turn left and go straight ahead, when you arrive to the avenue the market will be there.

miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012

This is my recording of Who would you like as a neighbour?
I'm afraid that my britain accent is not too good, but, I did my best. Thank you!
Who would you like as a neighbour?
A resent opinion poll asked 1,000 people in Britain this question. The surprise winner of the poll was Alan Titchmarsh a gardening expert on BBC TV with 29% of the votes. The British are very interesting in gardening and Titchmarsh is very popular. He is the best selling writer and a famous TV face. He is even in Madame Tussaud’s. To find out more about him we spoke to some of Mr. Titchmarsh’s neighbours. We did not learn very much. “He’s a very quiet man and we don’t see him much”, said one neighbor. “We don’t ask him for help with our gardens” said another. “He’s a very busy man”.Titchmarsh, a very private man, lives in an eighteenth-century farmhouse in a small village in the south of England. Like many people, he likes quiet neighbours and he is happy where he lives. The top woman in the poll was the Australian pop singer Kaley Minogue 85% of her votes were men, Ms. Minougue lives in fashionable Chelsea in the west of London. Her neighbours include her sister Dannii, pop stars Madonna and Bob Geldof, supermodel Liz Hurley, Sean Connery and Fomula one King Bernie Ecclestone. It is an excellent place for star-spotters and Kaley Minogue fans. The British like gardening and attractive Australian pop singers, but, it seems, they do not want to live next door to their prime minister. He got only 3% of the votes in the poll. Is this because people do not want to live in Downing Street? Or is it because they do not like the prime minister?

martes, 4 de septiembre de 2012

I did a recording with my friends for my english class, I'd like you to listen to it, I leave you the link down here. Thanks

A: Hi, what's your name?
T: Hi, I'm Tania, and you?
A: I'm Alejandro, nice to meet you
T: Like wise
M: Hi Tania, oh, your backpack is very nice
T: Thank you, your backpack is nice too
M: Thank you
A: I like your glasses Metzli
M: Thank you, I like your new haircut
T: You have beautiful eyes Alejandro
A: Oh really? I don't think so
T: Yes, really!
M: Where are you from guys?
T: I am from Mexico city
A: I'm from Hidalgo
T: Oh I'm from Mexico city too, Hidalgo is a beautiful place too, well I think so
A: I like it too. Sorry I need to go to class
T: Mmm that's bad, o.k. see you later
M: Bye Alejandro, have a nice day
A: Thank you bye
T: Wait! What was your name?
A: I'm Alejandro, see you

I want to share this pictures to you, I was with my mom and sister, We were in Tlaxcala on May, I had a beautiful time!
Hello everyone!
I'm Acosta Sierra Juan Alejandro, I'm 15 years old, I'm the youngest person in my house, I have mom, dad and sister, I play the guitar and videogames, I love the basketball and my favourite NBA team are the San Antonio Spurs.
In this wonderful english course Iwould like to speak faster and my pronaunce better, I also want to know more words.
I hope we can share a lot of expirences together!
Thank you, have a nice day.