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Name: "The cat in the hat"
Author: Dr. Seuss
Theme: Have fun but not to much
Characters: The cat, Sally, Conrad, The fish, The things and Mom
Important Character: The cat

1.- What does the cat do?
He is a magical character, he does everything

2.- Why the cat enter to the house?
Becouse he wanted to have fun

3.- What did the guys think about this?
They were agree but at the beggining they were scarred

4.- What are "the things"?
They are small persons who wnat to have fun but they're goods

5.- What does the fish think about  the Cat?
He's desagree, he wants orden

6.- What happen when mom is coming and the house is a mess?
The cat came into the house with a cleaner car 

7.-What happened with the things?
They came back into the box

8.- How is the way of talk of the Cat?
Singing and repeating

9.- What's the finish of the book?
Mom came into the house and everything is normal. The boys are happy

10.-What is the message of the story?
Is very important to have fun but is even more important to do it with measure

sábado, 6 de octubre de 2012

Mediateca 1st Partial

1.- 12:50 - 13:40
The post is about the first hour in Mediateca, I went on August 28 from 12:50 to 13:40, in this hour I practice with my class mates by our own and what I learnt was how to answere to compliments in a formal way, for example "it was only cheap" or "What are you after" As you see I just did one houre and I use the computer to practice and recording

2.- 12:50 - 14:30
I went to Mediateca last September 20TH, I watched the movie twilight, it during 2:00grs and talks about rhe vampires, one of them falls in love to a huma, so the human did the same, but the werevolve falls in love to the same human: I learned vocabulary like hybrids, werevolves, and the use of would.

3.- 12:50 - 14:30
I went to Mediateca in September 24th 2012, I watched the movie Ice Age who's fun and teaches ypu about friendship, I learned the name of animals like, sloth, squirel, mammoth, etc. I also read the small biography of Michael Jordan, this is interesting becouse he had dedicated a lot to basketball and you can see vocabulary with words like dude and some of slang.

4.- 12:50 - 14:30
I went to mediateca in October 4th, and I took my own movie wich name is Emergo, I could saw it but I had to do 50 verds in spanish, present and past whose were in the movie, I leant in this movie some words about gosths like spiritualism, possesed, exorcism, It was interesting and I had a good time watching the movie, and I commented with my friend and we said it's pretty wire.

5.- 12:00 - 12:50
I went to mediateca in October 5th, I read Dracula, this story's about a conde who lives in Transylvania, this is a misterious character, then a doctor comes from UK and he decided to go to the conde's castlke and check why is this person so strange. I learned a few things, for example marrations structures, "once upon a time" , "a long time ago", then, after that, finally, and the ways of narrations, in the first person or third persond, and when the main character narrates is first person but when the author or a second character narrates is third person.
As part of the Unit IV we do a video about requests, there are fifth acts, here's the youtube link and the scrip, thank you!

English dialogs
1. - Hello, my friend, how are you?
2. – Very well thanks and you?
1. – I’m a little bit worried because I need money to pay my English course
2. – Don’t worry my friend, I could borrow from some relatives
1. - Sure, today I’ll do it

(Second act)
1.       - Hello godmother, how are you?
3. – I’m so happy, thanks, how is the English going?
1. – Fine godmother, thank you, I’m coming to ask you a favor
3. – Yea, how can I help you?
1. – Would you be good enough in lending me money this month to pay my course?
3. - Certainly dear, tomorrow I’ll pay it so you won’t miss classes
1. - Thanks godmother
(Third act)
3.-Hi good morning, I’m coming to pay my goddaughter’s Tuition
4. - Would you be good in giving me her full name?
3. – Sure, the name is Daniela Silvia Galindo
4. – Ok I’m making the receipt
3. – Could you tell me how much will be?
4. – Of course, it’s $500
3. – Thanks a lot
(Fourth act)
2.       – Hi friend how was your day today with your godmother?
1. - Pretty well, thanks my friend, she gave me part of the money
2 . – That are good news, I’m so happy for you
1 . – Thanks for your advice, I love you
2 . – And I love you too; I knew that your family could help you in your problem
(Fifth act)
4 . – Hello Can I help you?
5 . – Yes I would like to know If Daniela Silva Galindo has paid the English course
4 . – Yes she has, why?
5 . – Excuse me if you don’t mind to mentioning this, but I’m her friend and I just want to support her
4 . – Oh I see, what do you want to do or know?
5 . - Would you be good enough in showing me her average?
4 . – Yes, here you are.
5 . – Thank you, I see she is good in English, here you are. Thanks bye!