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Fifth Book 

Name: The story of John Lennon
Author: Eileen Prince
Theme: The story of John Lennon's life
Characters: John Lennon, Julia Lennon, The Beatles (Paul, Ringo, George), Cynthia, Yoko Ono, Mary Lennon, his family

1.- Fill in each blank with either the adjective in partentheses or its -ly adverb form. The fist two are done for you

1.- John's mother was (constant) constantly listening to music.
2.- Alf Lennon treatment of his wife was not (exceptional) exceptional.
3.- Jack Lennon spent much of his life in the United States, but his (actual) actual home was England.
4.- The birth of John Wiston Lennon was a (significant) significant event for his Aunt Mimi.
5.- Alf Lennon came home (infrequent) infrequently.
6.- (eventual) Eventualy, Julia moved in with a friend.
7.- Alf and Julia were (legal) legaly married.
8.- It was (unfortunate) unfortunately for Alf Lennon that his parents died when he was quiet youngU
9.- It (certain) certainly must have been difficult for Julia to take care of John by herself.
10.- He and his brothers must have been (extrem) extremely  upset.

2.- Complete each sentence by putting the appropiate word or phrase from the list after the form of the verb get. Use each word or phrase only once. The fist one is done for you.

                         along with                                      in the way of
                         back                                               married
                         her to do anything                         to know

1.- John Lennon and Cynthia Powell got married when they were in their early twenties.
2.- Cynthia wanted to please John so much that it seem the he could get her to do anything.
3.- They spent a lot of time together, and Cynthia got along with John's half-sisters quiet well.
4.- Cynthia was a quiet, polite, young woman. Therefore, she got to know most of John's family and friends very easly.
5.- John did not get back home in time for the birth of their son 
6.-  John Lennon and Brian Epstien did not want anything to get in the way of John's being popular with young women.

3.- Fill in each blank with either the adjective in partentheses that correctly completes the idiom, The fist one is done for you.

1.- Yoko Ono hoped to (do/make) make a name for herself in the West.
2.- Before meeting John, Yoko Ono had (led/played) played quiet a full life.
3.- John and Yoko Ono started to go out (of/with) with each other while they were still married to other people.
4.- In the 1960s, many westerns were (about/into) into easter religons and philosophies.
5.- One of John's most famous songs asked people (give/let) give peace a chance.

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Fourth book

Name: The story of Anne Frank
Theme: A little jew girl in the second world war 
Characters: Anne Frank and her family (The Franks)


1.- Fill in each blank with the -tion (noun) from of the verb in parentheses. The first one is done for you-

1.- The Nazis persecuted the Jews in Holland. Their (persecuted) persecution of the Jews followed the Franks to Holland
2.- The Germans began to occupy Holland in 1940. Their (occupy) occupation of Holland began in 1940.
3.- Anne and her teacher were unhappy when they had to separate from each other. Their (separate) separation made them cry.
4.- Anne's teacher realized that Anne was a talented girl. This (realize) realization probably made it harder for her to lose Anne as a student.
5.-  Anne celebrated her thirteenth birthday in 1942. It was a very happy (celebrate) celebration.
6.- What Anne wrote in her diary has informed the world about her life. Much of the (inform) information we have about her comes form what she wrote in her diary.

2.- Fill in each blank with the correct form of the verb in parentheses. Use either the past continous or the past perfect form. The first two are done for you.

1.- Anne (wait) was waiting for Harry to return when the doorbell rang.
2.- Margot reported that the S.S. (send) had sent a notice about their father.
3.- The doorbell rang again while Anne and Margot (talk) were talking.
4.- Later, Margot told Anne that the S.S. (not, say) hadn't said.
5.- While Anne and her parents left home, it (rain) was raining.
6.- Four of the people who worked with Otto Frank knew that the Franks (come) had come.
7.- Althought the Van Daans (plan) were planning to go into hiding on July 15, they come one day early.
8.- When the Van Daans arrived, the Frank's (already, be) had been already in hiding for four days.
9.- The Franks were amused beacuse all of their neighbors (tell) were telling different stories about their leaving home.

3.- Decide wich word in the right column is opposite in meaning to each word in the left column. Put its letter next to the appropriate word in the left column. The first one is done for you.

1.- Canned        g                                                                    a. open
2.- Eventually     c                                                                    b. common
3.- Festive          i                                                                     c. soon
4.- Gourmet       e                                                                    d. modern
5.- Illegal            h                                                                    e. homestyle
6.- Precious        f                                                                    f. sad
7.- Recognize     j                                                                    g.- fresh
8.- Secret           b                                                                    h. legal
9.- Shortage       a                                                                    i. surplus
10.- Traditional  d                                                                    j. ignore                                                          

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Sentences will and going to


1.- Will John do the laundry.
Will John do te laundry? Yes he will/No he won't
Where will John do the laundry? In his house

2.- She will make coffee.
Will she make coffee? Yes he will/No she won't
Why will she make coffee? Because she needs to work at night

3.- Joshua will travel this week.
Will Joshua travel this week? Yes he will/No he won't
Where will Joshua travel this week? To Spain

4.- You will help us.
Will you help us? Yes you will/No you won't
Who will you help us with? With Mary

5.- Max and Mary will invite us.
Will Max and Mary inite us? Yes they will/No they won't
Why will Max and Mary will invite us? Because they are celebrating their anniversary

6.- Kevin will ride his bicycle to school.
Will Kevin ride his bicycle to school? Yes he will/No he won't
Why will Kevin ride his bicycle to school? Because he hasn't car

7.- Your aunt will drive.
Will your aunt drive? Yes she will/No he won't
When will your aunt drive? Tomorrow

8.- Carmen will eat the last slice of pizza
Will Carmen eat the last slice of pizza? Yes she will/No she won't
Why will Carmen eat the last slice of pizza? Because she's hungry

9.- Alex will let us his car.
Will Alex let use his car? Yes he will/No he won't
Why will Alex let use his car? Because he is our friend

10.- You will study with me.
Will you study with me? Yes you will/No you won't
Where will you study with me? At school

Going To

1.- It isnt' going to rain this weekend.
Is it going to rain this weekend? Yes it is/ No it won't
When is it going to rain this weekend? On Monday

2.-It isnt' going to check my e-mail.
Is it going to check my e-mail? Yes it is/No it isn't
Why is it going to check my e-mail? Because it is full

3.- Mary isnt' going to smoke a cigarette.
Is Mary going to smoke a cigarette? Yes she is/No she isn't
Who is Mary going to smoke a cigarette with? With anybody

4.- Marco isnt' going to dance at the pary.
Is Marco going to dance at the pary? Yes he is/No he isn't
Why is Marco going to dance at the party? Because he is shy

5.-John and Jane arent' going to to watch that night.
Are John and Jane going to watch that night? Yes they are/ No they aren't
Where are John and Jane going to watch that night? At the party

6.- I'm not going to read the newspaper.
Am I going to read the newspaper? Yes I am/ No I am not
Wich newspaper am I going to read? The New York Times

7.- We arent' going to wash the dishes.
Are we going to wash the dishes? Yes we are/ No we aren't 
Where are we going to wash the dishes? In the kitchen 

8.- Mary isnt' going to live in New York next year.
Is Mary going to live in New York next year? Yes she is/ No she isn't
Why is Mary Going to live in New York next year? Because she works there

9.- They arent' going to study math tonight.
Are they going to study math tonight? Yes they are/No they aren't
At what time are they going to study math tonight? At 7:00 pm

10.- She isnt' going to shew gom in the back of the room. 
Is she going to shew gom in the back of the room? Yes shw is/ No she isn't
Why is she going to shew gom in the back of the room? Because she is boring

Task 5

Task 4

I feel really tired. I think I ______ go to bed.
'm going to

Where are you going?

I ______ visit a customer.
'm going to

Do you want me to help you?

No thanks. John ______ help me.
's going to

Would you prefer tea or coffee?

I ______ have some coffee, please.
'm going to

Would you like to come to my house for dinner and talk about this?

Good idea. I ______ bring some wine.
'm going to

I've already decided. I ______ buy a new car
'm going to

What are your plans for next week?

I ______ to fly to New York on business. Probably on Tuesday but I haven't bought my ticket yet.
'm going to

What are your plans for the holidays?

I ______ visit my parents for a few days and then go walking in Scotland.
'm going to

Why are you wearing your best suit?

I ______ have lunch with my biggest customer.
'm going to

Do you want to have the chicken or the beef?

I think ______ have the beef.
'm going to

My head hurts.

Sit down and I ______ get you an aspirin.
'm going to

We need some more ink for the printer.

I ______ go to the shop and get some.
'm going to

Look! There's smoke coming out of the photocopier.

You turn it off and I ______ phone the safety officer
'm going to

I cannot see how to use this spreadsheet.

Don't worry. I ______ help you.
'm going to

I need to speak to you today.

I'm going out now but I ______ be back later.
'm going to

Did you phone Michael?

I'm sorry. I completely forgot. I ______ do it now.
'm going to

Can you help me with this? I don't understand.

I ______ give you a hand as soon as I've finished this.
'm going to

That's much too heavy for one person. I ______ give you a hand.
'm going to

Could somebody answer the phone?

I ______ get it.
'm going to

It's really hot in here.

I ______ put on the air-conditioning.
'm going to

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Third book

Name: Peter Pan
Author: James Mathew Barre
Theme: Fantasy and adventures
Character: Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Thinker bell, Mr. and Mrs. Darling, John, Wendy, Michael and the lost boys.


1- Listen to the interview between Captain Hook and John, and then tick the correct answer.
1-  Some pirates are  
B) Cruel                                                                                                                                                               
C) Kind
2Pirates live                                                                                                                                                            
A)On ships                                                                                                                                                     
B) In castles                                                                                                                                                     
C) In forest
3-     Corsair rovers and buccaneers are other name for                                                                                     
B) Fish                                                                                                                                                              
C) Pirates
4-      A pirate’s life on a ship is                                                                                                                                       
A) Fun                                                                                                                                                              
B) Difficult                                                                                                                                                      
C) Easy
5-      A pirate’s flag is usually                                                                                                                               
B) Red                                                                                                                                                               
C) Green
6-      Most pirates don’t                                                                                                                                           
A) Wear trousers                                                                                                                                         
B) Drink water                                                                                                                                                
C) Wear shoes                 

2- What does Peter say to Wendy? Complete the conversation. For question 1-6, write the correct letter A-G
0-      Wendy: Good evening  Peter                                                     Peter:  E
1-      Wendy: What time is it?                                                             Peter: C
2-      Wendy: Are you hungry?                                                           Peter: G
3-      Wendy: Let’s have dinner!                                                         Peter: A
4-      Wendy: Where are the children?                                                Peter: F
5-      Wendy: They must come home and wash their hands                  Peter: D
6-      Wendy: Thank you, Peter                                                          Peter: B

A: What a good idea                                                                                     B: That’s OK                                                                                 
C: Its half past six                                                                                           D: I can call them
 E: Hello, Wendy                                                                                         F: They’re playing outside
G: Yes I am

3- Prepositions. Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions
                                                                              Behind    into     on          out         with
1-      The children fly out of the nursery window.
2-      Wendy gives Peter a kiss on his cheek.
3-      Tinker Bell hides behind a big clock.
4-      Let’s go to Neverland with Peter! Says Wendy.
5-      Mr. and Mrs. Darling go into the empty nursery.