martes, 4 de septiembre de 2012

I did a recording with my friends for my english class, I'd like you to listen to it, I leave you the link down here. Thanks

A: Hi, what's your name?
T: Hi, I'm Tania, and you?
A: I'm Alejandro, nice to meet you
T: Like wise
M: Hi Tania, oh, your backpack is very nice
T: Thank you, your backpack is nice too
M: Thank you
A: I like your glasses Metzli
M: Thank you, I like your new haircut
T: You have beautiful eyes Alejandro
A: Oh really? I don't think so
T: Yes, really!
M: Where are you from guys?
T: I am from Mexico city
A: I'm from Hidalgo
T: Oh I'm from Mexico city too, Hidalgo is a beautiful place too, well I think so
A: I like it too. Sorry I need to go to class
T: Mmm that's bad, o.k. see you later
M: Bye Alejandro, have a nice day
A: Thank you bye
T: Wait! What was your name?
A: I'm Alejandro, see you

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