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Task 1

"On the phone"

Ten Expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing

I'll call you later.
Leave a message.
Hi Simon, it's Anna.
Did you get my message?
Can I speak to Rob, please?
Hi, Jenny. Where are you?
Thanks for getting back to me.
Leave a message after the beep
What's your number?
I'm returning your call.

How To Use These Phrases In Your English

1 is used to say we will phone someone at some time in the future. We can also say 'I'll get back to you' if someone has asked us for specific information that we don't have now.
You hear 2 on an answerphone, asking people to say why they were calling.
You use 3 to say who you are at the beginning of a call.
We use 4 to check someone knows that we called and left a message before.
5 is a common question if the person you want to talk to is not the person who answers the phone.
Now we all have mobiles, we often start conversations by asking where someone is.
7 is used when you have left a message for someone, and they are now calling back.
8 is like 2. We say 'beep' or 'tone' meaning the noise that indicates you can leave a message.
9 is a common way of asking for someone's contact details.

Episode 13 - Transcript
STEVE makes a date with ANNE
STEVE is nervously fiddling with the phone. He starts ringing, then puts it down, then rings again.
At the hotel, the CLERK answers the phone.

Medina Hotel. Marie speaking. How may I help you?
Can I speak to Ms Anne Lee, please? I’m not sure what room she’s in.
The CLERK puts the call through.
I’ll put you through sir.
In her room, ANNE is looking through some wine catalogues. The PHONE rings.
Hello. Anne? This is Steve Parker.
Steve Parker?
Steve... Sarah’s brother. We met...
(surprised, but pleased)
Oh, Steve! Hello Steve.
Hi. What are you doing?
Oh, working. I’m planning a trip to the wineries later in the week.
Oh. When are you going?
Oh, good. What are you doing tomorrow?
Nothing. Why?
Well I have the day off, and I was just wondering... well I was just wondering whether you wanted to go to a wildlife park... with me. You said you’d like to go to the zoo.
That’s right, I did. Yes, thankyou Steve, I’d love to go.
Alright! I’ll meet you in the foyer. Ten o’clock?
Okay, ten. I’ll see you then.
Great! Goodnight Anne.
Goodnight Steve.                                                                                                                                              She hangs up, pleased.

Conversation 1

R: Hello.
C: Hello. Is Steve there?
R: I'm sorry. He's not here right now.
C: What time will he be back?
R: Around five thirty.
C: This afternoon?
R: Yes. May I ask who's calling?
C: This is his friend, Greg.
R: Okay. I'll tell him you called.
C: Thanks.
Conversation 2
R: Tyler residence.
C: Is this Naomi?
R: No, this is her sister, Nancy.
C: You sure sound like Naomi.
R: Oh. Can I take a message?
C: Sure. Please tell her that Andy called.
R: Okay. I'll give her the message.
C: Thanks.
R: Bye.


First conversation
Charlie: Hello, Is Chelsea there?
Mia: Hello, Who’s speaking?
C: This is Charlie, are you Chelsea?
M: No, this is Mia. Chelsea is not available now
C: Could I leave a message for her?
M: Sure
C: Say to her I want to see her in Mc Donald’s at 7:00pm please
M: O.K. I’ll say it
C: Thank you Mia, bye
M: You’re welcome, bye.

Second conversation
Jake: Hello, This is Jake, can I speak with Alan?
Alan: Hello Jake, this is Alan
J: Great! Would you like to go to a party in my house?
A: Sure, when?
J: Tonight
A: I don’t know if I can, I’ll call you back later to confirm, o.k.?
J: O.k. no problem
A: See you bye

Third conversation
Sheldon: Hi, good evening, this is Sheldon
Penny: Hi Sheldon, why are you calling?
Sh: I want to speak with Leonard
P: He’s not here, he’s with Howard
Sh: Oh really?
P: Yes, do you want to leave a message?
Sh. Yes, tonight is Hale night, so just say to him that don’t forget the reunion
P: I’ll say it
Sh: Thanks Penny
P: sure Sheldon
Sh: Take care, goodbye. 

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