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Second Book

Name (Title): Michael Jordan
Author: Nancy Taylor
Theme A little biography of Michael Jordan
Characters: Michael Jordan and his family
Important character: Michael Jordan

1.        What do you know about Michael Jordan? Why is he famous?
Michael Jordan is famous because he is considered the best basketball player ever, he always was focused in the game and he has a lot of records in the sport and he was part of the dream team
2.        Look at the word list at the back of the book
a)      What are these words in your language?
Award: Premio o reconocimiento
Ball: Pelota o balon
Baseball: Beisbol
Baketball: Baloncesto
Best: El mejor
Champioship: Campeonato
Coach: Entrenador
College: Universidad o colegio
Court: Cancha
Fly: volar
Highschool: Preparatoria o secundaria
Kill: Matar
Life: Vida
Meter: Metro
Retire: Retirar
Shot: Disparo o tiro
Star: Estrella
Team: Equipo
University: Universidad
Win: Ganar
b)      Talk about football, basketball, or baseball with these words. Award, ball, championship, coach, star, team, win
The San Antonio Spurs won the championship of this season, the director of NBA gave to the Coach and award and a gold ball, the star of the team received the same, all the team celebrated.
                Would you like to life as a famous player (not)?
Yes I would because I love basketball and to be a great player would be awesome

3.       Write the name of these people, places and things
a)      Michael’s team for thirteen years: Chicago bulls
b)      Michael’s first home town: Brooklyn New York
c)       Michael’s second home town: Wilmington, North Carolina
d)      Michael’s mother and father: Deloris and James Jordan
e)      Michael’s brother: Larry Jordan
f)       Michael’s high school: Laney High School
g)      Michael’s number: #23
h)      Michael’s college: University of North Carolina (UNC)
i)        Michael’s college coach: Dean Smith
j)        The year of “the shot”: 1982 

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