lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

Task 2 "

The World's Most Powerful People"

Steve Jobs

Name:  Steven Paul Jobs
Nationality:  American, he was born in San Francisco, California
Profession: He didn’t finish his career, but he was studying electronics
Main Activities:
ü  Co- founder and CEO of Apple Inc.
ü  Co-founder and CEO of Pixar
ü  Co-founder and CEO of NeXT Inc.

 Juan Alejandro Acosta

Name: Juan Alejandro Acosta Sierra
Nationality:  Mexican, he was born in Distrito Federal, México
Profession: He is actually studying the 3rd high school year
Main Activities:
Student of high school with a normal rate        

Common things :
They use glasses
They are careerists but focused men
They like The Beatles
They like the fruits

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