martes, 30 de octubre de 2012


Name: "The cat in the hat"
Author: Dr. Seuss
Theme: Have fun but not to much
Characters: The cat, Sally, Conrad, The fish, The things and Mom
Important Character: The cat

1.- What does the cat do?
He is a magical character, he does everything

2.- Why the cat enter to the house?
Becouse he wanted to have fun

3.- What did the guys think about this?
They were agree but at the beggining they were scarred

4.- What are "the things"?
They are small persons who wnat to have fun but they're goods

5.- What does the fish think about  the Cat?
He's desagree, he wants orden

6.- What happen when mom is coming and the house is a mess?
The cat came into the house with a cleaner car 

7.-What happened with the things?
They came back into the box

8.- How is the way of talk of the Cat?
Singing and repeating

9.- What's the finish of the book?
Mom came into the house and everything is normal. The boys are happy

10.-What is the message of the story?
Is very important to have fun but is even more important to do it with measure

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  1. Very well Alex but remember there must be 3 activities per book.

  2. I read the book but this didn't have activities so I did the questions, now I'm posting the other tasks