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As part of the Unit IV we do a video about requests, there are fifth acts, here's the youtube link and the scrip, thank you!


English dialogs
1. - Hello, my friend, how are you?
2. – Very well thanks and you?
1. – I’m a little bit worried because I need money to pay my English course
2. – Don’t worry my friend, I could borrow from some relatives
1. - Sure, today I’ll do it

(Second act)
1.       - Hello godmother, how are you?
3. – I’m so happy, thanks, how is the English going?
1. – Fine godmother, thank you, I’m coming to ask you a favor
3. – Yea, how can I help you?
1. – Would you be good enough in lending me money this month to pay my course?
3. - Certainly dear, tomorrow I’ll pay it so you won’t miss classes
1. - Thanks godmother
(Third act)
3.-Hi good morning, I’m coming to pay my goddaughter’s Tuition
4. - Would you be good in giving me her full name?
3. – Sure, the name is Daniela Silvia Galindo
4. – Ok I’m making the receipt
3. – Could you tell me how much will be?
4. – Of course, it’s $500
3. – Thanks a lot
(Fourth act)
2.       – Hi friend how was your day today with your godmother?
1. - Pretty well, thanks my friend, she gave me part of the money
2 . – That are good news, I’m so happy for you
1 . – Thanks for your advice, I love you
2 . – And I love you too; I knew that your family could help you in your problem
(Fifth act)
4 . – Hello Can I help you?
5 . – Yes I would like to know If Daniela Silva Galindo has paid the English course
4 . – Yes she has, why?
5 . – Excuse me if you don’t mind to mentioning this, but I’m her friend and I just want to support her
4 . – Oh I see, what do you want to do or know?
5 . - Would you be good enough in showing me her average?
4 . – Yes, here you are.
5 . – Thank you, I see she is good in English, here you are. Thanks bye!

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