miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2013

Task 5

1.- This quiz was written very quickly.
2.- This qui was designed for learners of English as a second lenguage.
3.- That movie has been seen by many people.
4.- The accident happened last Tuesday.
5.- My car was stolen yesterday.
6.- The thieves were caught by the police.
7.- The San Diego Zoo is visited by millions of people every year. 
8.- Housing prices were rising rapidly. Now ther are going down.
9.-The mail was delivered late yesterday.
10.- My car was made in Japan.

1.- The fan was cleaned by the students.
2.- The letter was mailed by Marylin.
3.- The hot-dog was eaten by me.  
4.- The songs were sung so loud.
5.- The ballots have been consisted.
6.- The flowers have been send by a secret person.
7.- The pijama has been used since 2007.
8.- The basketball was played by Alex.
9.- The slippers have been burned by my mom.
10.- The basketball shot was taken by Kobe. 

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