viernes, 1 de febrero de 2013

The Restaurant


Waiter: Good morning, May I help you?
Metzli: Good morning, I’d like a table for one please
W: Ok, there’s one next to the mirror, follow me
W: Hello I’m Alejandro and I’m your waiter today
M: Could I see the menu, please?
W: Certainly

W: May I take your order, please?
M: Yes, I’d like the vegetables soup and an order of pig’s fillet with potatoes and green salad
W: Would you like something to drink?
M: Well, I’d like lemon water and a coffee  
W: Very Good selection, Would you like something else?
M: No, thank you, that’s it
W: Wait a moment, please
W:(the waiter comes) Here you are
M: Thank you, this is delicious
W: Would you like a dessert?
M: I’d like chocolate pudding please
W: Ok, wait a moment, please
W:(The waiter comes) Here you are
M: Thank you, could I have the bill please?
W: Certainly, it’s $50  
M: Thank you have a nice day
W: Likewise

Here is the link, enjoy and learn!

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