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Fourth book

Name: The story of Anne Frank
Theme: A little jew girl in the second world war 
Characters: Anne Frank and her family (The Franks)


1.- Fill in each blank with the -tion (noun) from of the verb in parentheses. The first one is done for you-

1.- The Nazis persecuted the Jews in Holland. Their (persecuted) persecution of the Jews followed the Franks to Holland
2.- The Germans began to occupy Holland in 1940. Their (occupy) occupation of Holland began in 1940.
3.- Anne and her teacher were unhappy when they had to separate from each other. Their (separate) separation made them cry.
4.- Anne's teacher realized that Anne was a talented girl. This (realize) realization probably made it harder for her to lose Anne as a student.
5.-  Anne celebrated her thirteenth birthday in 1942. It was a very happy (celebrate) celebration.
6.- What Anne wrote in her diary has informed the world about her life. Much of the (inform) information we have about her comes form what she wrote in her diary.

2.- Fill in each blank with the correct form of the verb in parentheses. Use either the past continous or the past perfect form. The first two are done for you.

1.- Anne (wait) was waiting for Harry to return when the doorbell rang.
2.- Margot reported that the S.S. (send) had sent a notice about their father.
3.- The doorbell rang again while Anne and Margot (talk) were talking.
4.- Later, Margot told Anne that the S.S. (not, say) hadn't said.
5.- While Anne and her parents left home, it (rain) was raining.
6.- Four of the people who worked with Otto Frank knew that the Franks (come) had come.
7.- Althought the Van Daans (plan) were planning to go into hiding on July 15, they come one day early.
8.- When the Van Daans arrived, the Frank's (already, be) had been already in hiding for four days.
9.- The Franks were amused beacuse all of their neighbors (tell) were telling different stories about their leaving home.

3.- Decide wich word in the right column is opposite in meaning to each word in the left column. Put its letter next to the appropriate word in the left column. The first one is done for you.

1.- Canned        g                                                                    a. open
2.- Eventually     c                                                                    b. common
3.- Festive          i                                                                     c. soon
4.- Gourmet       e                                                                    d. modern
5.- Illegal            h                                                                    e. homestyle
6.- Precious        f                                                                    f. sad
7.- Recognize     j                                                                    g.- fresh
8.- Secret           b                                                                    h. legal
9.- Shortage       a                                                                    i. surplus
10.- Traditional  d                                                                    j. ignore                                                          

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