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Fifth Book 

Name: The story of John Lennon
Author: Eileen Prince
Theme: The story of John Lennon's life
Characters: John Lennon, Julia Lennon, The Beatles (Paul, Ringo, George), Cynthia, Yoko Ono, Mary Lennon, his family

1.- Fill in each blank with either the adjective in partentheses or its -ly adverb form. The fist two are done for you

1.- John's mother was (constant) constantly listening to music.
2.- Alf Lennon treatment of his wife was not (exceptional) exceptional.
3.- Jack Lennon spent much of his life in the United States, but his (actual) actual home was England.
4.- The birth of John Wiston Lennon was a (significant) significant event for his Aunt Mimi.
5.- Alf Lennon came home (infrequent) infrequently.
6.- (eventual) Eventualy, Julia moved in with a friend.
7.- Alf and Julia were (legal) legaly married.
8.- It was (unfortunate) unfortunately for Alf Lennon that his parents died when he was quiet youngU
9.- It (certain) certainly must have been difficult for Julia to take care of John by herself.
10.- He and his brothers must have been (extrem) extremely  upset.

2.- Complete each sentence by putting the appropiate word or phrase from the list after the form of the verb get. Use each word or phrase only once. The fist one is done for you.

                         along with                                      in the way of
                         back                                               married
                         her to do anything                         to know

1.- John Lennon and Cynthia Powell got married when they were in their early twenties.
2.- Cynthia wanted to please John so much that it seem the he could get her to do anything.
3.- They spent a lot of time together, and Cynthia got along with John's half-sisters quiet well.
4.- Cynthia was a quiet, polite, young woman. Therefore, she got to know most of John's family and friends very easly.
5.- John did not get back home in time for the birth of their son 
6.-  John Lennon and Brian Epstien did not want anything to get in the way of John's being popular with young women.

3.- Fill in each blank with either the adjective in partentheses that correctly completes the idiom, The fist one is done for you.

1.- Yoko Ono hoped to (do/make) make a name for herself in the West.
2.- Before meeting John, Yoko Ono had (led/played) played quiet a full life.
3.- John and Yoko Ono started to go out (of/with) with each other while they were still married to other people.
4.- In the 1960s, many westerns were (about/into) into easter religons and philosophies.
5.- One of John's most famous songs asked people (give/let) give peace a chance.

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